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The Case for Christian Education

Christian and Secular Education, A Study of Contrasts


By Leslie Rea, M.Ed., Director of Education
Moriah Christian Academy
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 241-8410

Philosophy of Education

Secular Education... Is Man Centered, Humanistic

Christian Education... Is God Centered, Theistic

Purpose of Education

Secular Education... Is to make a person useful in society and to teach facts.

Christian Education... Is to know God. To teach facts and correctly interpret their meaning in the light of God’s word.

Thoughts on God

Secular Education... Man is central. God does not exist, or He is incidental and has nothing to do with education. All learning centers around man's truth.

Christian Education... God is central, man is peripheral. God does exist, and he lives today. God has everything to do with education. All learning centers around God’s truth.

View toward the Bible

Secular Education... The Bible has nothing to do with education.

Christian Education... There is no true education apart from the Bible. It is the foundation for all truth.


Secular Education... Education is the source of wisdom. Earthly wisdom is to be obtained. Man professes to be wise.

Christian Education... God is the source of wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is to be obtained. Man acknowledges he is unwise apart from God.

View of Life

Secular Education... Life is however man sees it.

Christian Education... Life is as God sees it.

View of Man

Secular Education... Man is a product of evolution. Man is basically good; therefore he doesn’t need a savior. Man is improving. Man serves himself.

Christian Education... Man is created by God in His image. Man has a sin nature; therefore, he needs a savior. Man is fallen. Man serves God.


Secular Education... Scientific law is reliable. Science has all the answers. Evolution is usually taught as a fact. God is not involved in science. Natural laws just exist. It is up to man to discover natural law. Scientific laws never change.

Christian Education... God is infallible. God has all the answers. Science is based on creationism. God is actively involved in science. God made the natural laws. God’s laws are revealed as he chooses. God can rearrange scientific laws whenever he desires--miracles!


Secular Education... There is no supernatural process in history. History is the study of man apart from God. There is no known beginning, and no known ending to history. The purpose in studying history is to become more knowledgeable and accepting of other cultures and to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Christian Education... God is in control of history. History is HIS story of relationship between the creator and the created. History begins at creation and will continue until God takes us home. It has a known beginning, and a sure end. The study of history is directly linked to man’s obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. Students learn that things go well for a nation that is walking in obedience to God. Students learn to recognize the hand of God in world events. Students begin to develop a heart for the world so they can make a positive impact for Christ.